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Dr. Hennie & Gerda with their Grandchildren in Australia

Villain or Maverick?

Living on the political edge: Villain or Maverick: Is about the political roller-coaster experiences of Dr Hennie Bekker. It covers a period of 28 years of Dr Bekker’s life as Parliamentarian (National Assembly and Legislature/Provincial Council) in South Africa.

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About Dr. Hennie Bekker

Dr Hennie Bekker is an Internationally recognised expert on Accountability and on Corporate Governance.
His Ph.D thesis on Accountability of the Public Sector with specific reference to South African State Departments received international acclaim and recognition.

Hennie Bekker has also distinguished himself as a speaker of note on the subject of Accountability and Corporate Governance in both South Africa and Australia, where he frequently appears as Key Note speaker, or guest lecturer.

In his capacity as main consultant of Acc&CorpGov Consult, Dr Bekker is available to address Corporate Boards and Directors, as well as Public Sector entities of State and Local Government.


Dr Hennie Bekker is academically highly qualified, culminating his academic success with a Doctor’s degree (Ph.D.) in Business Administration (with distinction), from the University of Almeda, in the United States. Dr Bekker’s dissertation/thesis was on “Effective Financial Management and Accountability in selected State departments in South Africa.”

Between 1964 and 1981 he distinguished himself in the corporate banking and business world with the Trust Bank and Sanlam, as well as administrator of two statutory bodies. Doing part time studies for the Chartered Institute of Secretaries, he Lectured in Economics at the Witwatersrand Technicon, now amalgamated with Wits University. During this period he received several in-service awards for marketing and fundraising. Until recently he was involved in the Tourism Industry as Hotel Manager and as the Executive Chairman and Director of a family company AJ Murphy Flowers Pty Ltd t/a Featherbrooke Croco Lodge, He is still involved as consultant and financial advisor of the Parliamentary Pension Advisors c.c. and as speaker at academic seminars.

Dr Hennie Bekker had a distinguished political career from 1981 till 2009, first as Member of the Provincial Council (M.P.C.) and from 1987 till 2009 as Member of Parliament. In the previous political dispensation, he was the Chairman of Public Expenditure and Deputy Chair of the Finance study groups of the then governing party. As a member of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, he was the driving force on the unveiling of the atrocities of the then Civil Co-operation Bureau (C.C.B.) and the appointment of judicial committees into the Departments of Co-operation and Development, as well as Education and Training. During the Transitional political period of South Africa in 1993, he served as Minister on the Transitional Economic Council with Minister Derek Keyes, Trevor Manual, Dr Zack de Beer and Prof. Shabalala, collectively forming the Transitional Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Until 2009, Dr Hennie Bekker served on the Parliamentary Portfolios of the Finance Committee, the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) and Public Enterprises portfolio. For several years he was the Deputy Chairperson and Trustee of the Parliamentary Office Bearers Pension Fund, whist being the Chairperson of its predecessor, the Parliamentary Pensions Committee. Dr Bekker was the I.F.P’s Financial Spokesperson and Chair of Economic Portfolio Cluster and was an in-house lecturer on Management for Continued Learnership Development. Dr Bekker was also involved with several social organisations and clubs, as well as past Honorary President of two local Welfare Organisations. He is married to Gerda Bekker, a politician in her own right. The couple is presently living on the Gold Coast of Australia, where Dr Bekker is involved in part time lecturing and academic/political writings.


Private Sector:

Banking and Insurance industry, winner of several marketing awards and acclamations. C.E.O and Executive Chairman of Board of Directors

Public Sector:

Member of Parliament: For 28 years Dr Hennie Bekker served with distinction as a Member of Parliament in South Africa, during the transitional phase of government, he served as Minister in the Transitional Economic Council

Speaker at International Conferences:

Key note speaker at Commonwealth Parliamentary Union in Malaysia and also delegated International Lecturer for Ghanaian Parliamentarians in Accra

Harvard Institute:

Key Note Speaker: Corporate Governance in Public Sector with comparative analysis King Report and Australian Corp Governance Principles. 2013 SA.

International Institute of Research Governance Week:

Key note address, Accountability & Corporate Governance in Private Sector. Challenges. 2013 SA.



Potch University B.Com 1964


Associate Chartered Institute of Secretaries (A.C.I.S.) and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Business Management (F.C.I.B.M.) 1995


Fellow of Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators (F.C.I.S.) 2002


Almeda University U.S.A. a Ph.D in Business Administration (with distinction) 2008


9 Years in Banking and Insurance Industry

8 Years as Administrator of Statutory Bodies

28 Years as Member of Parliament mostly serving on Finance Committees and S.C.O.P.A (Public Accounts)

Chairman and Deputy Chair of Parliamentary Pension Fund

During the above periods Dr Bekker was continuously

a Director on various Boards of Directors and Executive Chairman of a Private Company.

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