Villain or Maverick?

Living on the political edge: Villain or Maverick: Is about the political roller-coaster experiences of Dr Hennie Bekker. It covers a period of 28 years of Dr Bekker’s life as Parliamentarian (National Assembly and Legislature/Provincial Council) in South Africa.

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About Dr. Bekker

Dr Hennie Bekker is an Internationally recognised expert on Accountability and on Corporate Governance.

His Ph.D thesis on Accountability of the Public Sector with specific reference to South African State Departments received international acclaim and recognition.

Hennie Bekker has also distinguished himself as a speaker of note on the subject of Accountability and Corporate Governance in both South Africa and Australia, where he frequently appears as Key Note speaker, or guest lecturer.

In his capacity as main consultant of Acc&CorpGov Consult, Dr Bekker is available to address Corporate Boards and Directors, as well as Public Sector entities of State and Local Government.

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